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Fugly Doodle Friday - Prozzie Pengs (Guest)

Whimsy Mimmsy from Leemar doodled me this last month. Her inspiration comes from the female prostituting penguins. Yes, that's a thing. 

Mimmsy and I minced words as I thought it a crime and she, a feminist victory.

Feminist Icon or Haughty Criminal?

Let the record show that I do not condone prostitution in any animal form nor under any guise, be it rock collecting, pleasure seeking, nest testing, etc.

Fugly Doodle Friday - Corporate Gelt

Of penance I have had enough! Of penitence there has been none!
— Nathaniel Hawthorne

This week's Fugly Doodly Friday comes from a fan who left a comment a few weeks back. It's a riddle of sorts. One that will make you question the very definition of humanity, sin, and Black Friday. The penitentiary awaits!

Scarlet's lettering.

Fugly Doodle Friday - Smash Mouth (Guest)

This one goes to all the 3 PM playahs out there who would ratha be sippin on a Shirley Temple by the kiddie pool than sitting through anotha meetin with yer holieah than thou colleagues. If ya words aren't supportin, productive, or meaninful, stick a Maraschino in it.

Dream Killer. Come Rescue Me.

If you are stuck at work, in a car, on a plane, or riding bareback across the Great Plains, you too can submit a fugly doodle. Thanks to this week's anonymous guest who still wants that paycheck next week!

Dating Chronicles - Commentary

I have learned that a date can go one of two ways: well guided or completely off course. This aligns fairly well with how I tend to dance. 

My undiagnosed boogie down syndrome.

Despite my tendencies for graceful chaos, I still have friends who particularly enjoy supplying me with their two cents. What are friends for if but not a lovingly honest and supportive peanut gallery? Allow me to share with you the dating commentary my friends so willingly bestowed upon me.

Well, dear friend, I’m just glad that you’re out there and experimenting.
— My Mentor
CatholicGelt is right to not take up all the offers - I personally saw the choices out there and many are less than appealing. Good luck with the next one CatholicGelt!
— Baby Mama in Auburn
You made me laugh at “looks like one of my Russian relatives.” Don’t hate on your “kind”, You may just find your soulmate in the face of your 80-year old uncle.

Although I am a bad friend for reading these more than 24-hours after-the-fact, I am quite thrilled with the continuous updates. Before long, you’ll be one of those girls where I can’t keep all her “boy toys” straight.
— Swedish Lief
Like Swedish Lief, I am behind on reading the updates. But I do agree that posting 56 dates may be a sign of desperation. Or instead, it could be a sign of someone who “lives” on sites like How About We and Facebook. Hmm, that reminds me of your own self-description, CatholicGelt: “Facebook is my home.”

Maybe the 56 date guy deserves another chance, then?
— A Woman Betrothed
This is amazing!! Keep up the updates!

At least you don’t yet have a story like mine...where the quadriplegic guy told me that he lowered his standards after his accident and now he is open to dating girls who looked like me instead of only dating model-types! Classic!

We should combine forces to write a book on dating experiences when all of this is said and done!

It’s a jungle out there! You are in my prayers!
— The Girl with the Dragon Fire Hair