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Fugly Doodle Friday - Mama, Don't Step On Me

I found out this week that a baby elephant wept for five hours after his mama stepped on him, not only once, but twice! The zookeeper at the Shendiaoshan Wild Animal Nature Reserve in Rongcheng, China has taken in the baby so not all is lost.


As a preventative measure, I am going to be mailing this bumper sticker to the zookeeper so he can slap it onto the rumps of other newborn calves. I am happy to play such a small, yet significant, role in animal conservation.

Humbly Yours,


Love can be so cruel.

In honor of Fugly Doodle Friday, I bring you a new concept: bumper stickers by CatholicGelt and friends. If you have any phrases or ideas that you would like me to make into a bumper sticker, hit me up and I will use my handy dandy editing skills in MS Paint and CustomInk to create a design.