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Dating Chronicles 2 - The Man With Flu Too Much

Update on Fang

Between pool and BBQ, he whispered, "I have a confession: I smoke. You don't smoke, right?" Right! I couldn't say anything at the time, but I checked his profile after the date and it read, "Never" under smoking. Since he had expressed interest in another date and smoking is a deal breaker for me, I wrote rather than ignore him: 

Hey, It was nice meeting you. However, it was a red flag to me that your profile says you don't smoke and you do. I would suggest updating that fact so that women aren't misled. Otherwise, I wish you the best in the dating scene.

Too candid? I blame you all. You have unleashed me into this dating Middle-earth.

Slim, the IKEAn't Dad. Source: Built by CatholicGelt

Today I was supposed to have a second date with Slim, "an awesome father" and claims to have the following obscure knowledge: I can cook, fix, or build just about anything. Except maybe furniture from Ikea. Isn't IKEA furniture supposedly the simplest furniture to manufacture in house? It's the disassembling that makes IKEA a sinister pack of SOBs. Jim responded: How about we… fill two flasks and then hit up the Boston Harbor Islands. However, I cancelled last night because I wasn't feeling so hot today.

I have another date tomorrow, with another father, or as you would know him, the Man With Flu Too Much, as in he cancelled last Monday because he had the flu. I thought it was a line he pulled because he lost interest. To my surprise, he followed up and rescheduled. I'll be wearing a skirt because we are going with a more traditional dinner and drinks theme. 

I have had roughly ten guys show interest, particularly those dates that involve alcohol. I haven't accepted all the date offers for a few reasons:

  • Shallowness
    • insert unibrows
  • Psychosis
    • posting 56 dates = desperation?
  • Abnormalities/Creepy
    • 37 year old man who wants to be a marshmallow peep. And no, you did not misread that
    • because he looks like one of my Russian relatives
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