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Fugly Doodle Friday - Congo Line

Wait, what?! Don't blame me, blame the vodka.

I recently flew on a trip and raced my way to the counter when they announced overbooking the flight. I earned a $400 voucher, first class, two meal tickets, and round trip taxi fares. When I boarded my 8:30 am flight the next day, I saw that the men seated next to me had Bloody Marys. I had no idea you could get those since I tend to purchase the least expensive seat possible, normally located near the toilet.

After three of these tasty Catholic treats, I took out my doodle notebook and started to sketch. Why an elephant? I came to a revelation that the plane in the air weighs somewhere around 45 African elephants. However, when I tried to draw elephants flying in the sky, I accepted my shortcomings and decided to draw one and a half really good ones in the Congo Basin.

You have got to love Delta Airlines when it asks for volunteers.

Liquor makes me smart about ... Proboscidea.

Liquor makes me smart about ... Proboscidea.